I am photographer from Bangladesh, based in Chittagong. I started my photographic journey on 2004. These days photography allows me to enhance an image captures a moment in a way words fail to achieve. I aim to engage the reader through my photos; to focus on intriguing subjects and timely events or rock concerts that impact our lives. I believe that a photograph helps train the spotlight on reality.
I also love snapping unusual things encountered in daily life. Portraits are a particular favorite. It’s a joy seeing individual history reflected through people’s eyes and mapped on their faces. My principal interests in Street Photography, Life Style, People, Landscape, Historical, Architecture, Fashion etc. Photographed at night, the familiar can become uncanny or surreal. Photographed in daylight, the composition can lead the viewer to consider alternative viewpoints on familiar sights. I live & love with photography.

Exhibition and Participation
Celebrating Life by the daily star 2013 ( Finalist )
Nikon Contest by Nikon Bangladesh 2013 ( Winner )
inPixel by the daily star 2014 ( Nominated )
PERN IMAGES 2015 Awards (BSPA Honorable Mention)
HP 71pix 2015 (2nd Runner Up)
Contest: YOUR "I'm made in Bangladesh" story by Dhaka Tribune 2015 ( Winner )
HIPA: Hamdan International Photography Award 2015-2016 ( Finalist )